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Can you really lower your AGE to reduce your risk of heart disease?

October 31, 20120 Comments
risk of heart disease

Lower your AGE to reduce your risk of heart disease

Well… when “AGE” is an acronym for “advanced glycation end products”. “AGE’s” are molecules that build up in our blood stream and increase our risk of heart disease. In a way, their presence is a measure of age (real chronological age).

How do we acquire AGE’s? They are produced in our bodies when we eat “glycated” and high sugar foods. This includes most (if not all) fast foods – those high in fat (the BAD fat) and sugar content. The end result of eating all this crap? Higher AGE’s and increased risk of heart disease.

Risk of Heart Disease

From Perricone MD,

If you have ever wondered why fast food is constantly cited as a cause of skin problems, the answer lies in a biological process called glycation. Glycation, which can happen both inside (endogenous glycation) and outside (exogenous glycation) of the body, is a major cause of the visible signs of aging. In both cases, glycation occurs when a simple sugar molecule (e.g. fructose or glucose) bonds to a protein or fat molecule without an enzyme.

So, glycation gives you bad skin (a first indicator of high “AGE’s”), but changes are also happening “inside”. Those changes can result in¬†atherosclerosis, diabetes, kidney disease, Alzheimer’s, and yes… heart disease. AGE’s are also formed by cooking at high temperature (particularly with the wrong oil! – advice – use coconut oil for pan cooking), and of course, just one more reason to STOP… cigarettes produce AGE’s in your body. Fructose – from… you guessed it! High Fructose Corn Syrup is ALSO a major offender leading to the production of AGE’s in our bodies.

Can you reduce AGE’s? YES! Drink green tea, keep your blood sugar low by eating REAL foods (veggies, fruits), cook at low temperatures and slowly, and avoid processed carbs. Bottom line – do this and you will reduce your risk of heart disease. Know a fast food junkie who is too sedentary, and perhaps smokes? Send them this article! Use the share buttons, and feel free to share YOUR story below!




Alan Sills is an author, educator, and nationally recognized speaker who is now building a site ( that is dedicated to raising awareness of the #1 killer in our nation and helping spread the word on recent research and actionable information.


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